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Are the suitcase luggage tags included? 
Different colors in the set selectable? 
Dimensions with wheels and handles? 
Do individual suitcases of a set fit together? 
How big may the laptop be for the compartment? 
How long is the delivery time? 
How long is the warranty period? 
Is the suitcase suitable as hand luggage? 
Is the suitcase waterproof? 
Laptop compartment separated or reachable from the inside via the main compartment? 
Laptop compartment with office organization? 
Quality of ABS and polycarbonate? 
Quality of ABS? 
Quality of polycarbonate? 
Quality of polypropylene? 
Remove the protective film 
Revoke contract 
Save money with a suitcase set? 
Scratched suitcase? 
Smell in the suitcase?