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Ideas for Christmas Gifts - with Style


Don’t be so boring – dream something up very original!

Christmas time begins – we have some very great and creative ideas for you, who let all possibilities open and who bring up some very individual gifts for your sweethearts. So be ready to do one time everything different and by your own! Build your BLNBAG as a personalized gift with suitable and own created motives. We show you here how it works, that you really get into christmas mood.

How to build your individual christmas suitcase

Create individual

With the creation of your BLNBAG are no limits. You can try everything what comes in your mind. You can change your template everytime. Here we give you some creative and fancy ideas to bring you quickly your christmas present. The pattern you can download here everytime.

Tinkering, painting or photomontage

Take the scissor in your hand, tinker or paint your own motive. With a plain carton and your pattern you can stick your motive by yourself, paint or cut it to create your individual artwork. You can build a photomontage with photos of your childs or from your last holiday with your sweetheart. This will be a great surprise!

Prepared Designs

You can also choose an pre-built motive from us – we have over 60 different motives for you to choose – or you can send us an creation of your own frontcover, that we can print on photo paper and insert it behind a frontshell of polycarbonat. With an individual suitcase travelling become more attractive. Every motive you can choose very easy.

Posters of your favorite stars

You can also choose posters of your favorite film or musikstars, cartoons, superheroes or film posters and print them out in A2 or A3 – depends on the size of the suitcase – and insert it into the BLNBAG. You can download the pattern. Then your favorite is by your side on every journey.

Tipps for companys

How about an individual company logo as a motive for the BLNBAG as a christmas present for your customers or employees, which also has the function of an advertiser. Or the pictures of your last christmas celebration. You can print the motive by your own and insert it into the BLNBAG.

School Rucksack for children

The BLNBAG as a gift for children. Here you can print out for example the favorite heroes or stars of your kids and insert them into the rucksack. Let your fantasy and creativity flow and imagine the happiness of your children on christmas.

Digital image

You can put your own template on the desktop together, there are a lot of different grafik- and photo programs, where you can create great Designs very individual. Everything that you create by your own you can sent us as a pdf format so that we can print out your template for you.



Colorfull, young and fresh! With the serie of the BLNBAG you will definitly attract attention. The stylish Berlin-Bags with their urban motives, their cool sayings and their casual Designs are a a must for every Berlin-Lover! If as a suitcase for your laptop, with a BLNBAG from Hauptstadtkoffer your are full in line with the trend!


INFO for the suitcase for laptops: master: 356x456 mm • minimal quality: 2102 x 2693 pixels • accepted datas: JPG, PDF

INFO for the rucksack: master: 390x520 mm • minimal quality: 2303 x 3071 pixels • accepted datas: JPG, PDF

INFO for the hand baggage: master: 455x605 mm • minimal quality: 2687 x 3573 pixels • accepted datas: JPG, PDF

INFO for the suitcase: master: 530x710 mm • minimal quality: 3130 x 4194 pixels • accepted datas: JPG, PDF

Here you can download your pattern