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Get the cool sunglasses, the practical luggage scales, the sleeping glasses or the luggage signs as a free upgrade for your holiday! For every purchase from 70 € you receive as thank you from us a free article for free, so that you are even better equipped for future travel. The free articles vary according to the order value - simply select and order the desired free articles for your purchase. We show you in the lower graphic how this works!

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As a thank you for your confidence, you will already receive a cool free-of-charge item when you buy a piece of luggage, which you can choose by yourself - as an upgrade for your holiday.

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The free articles with options vary depending on the order value. For an order value of 60 € you get, for example, a practical strandbag.


Our selection of free items varies - our currently available offer consists of luggage signs, sleeping masks, sunglasses and luggage scales

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After the purchase decision, click "Add to Cart"

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Overview of free items

Sleepwear - for a pleasant night's rest

Long-haul flights are often very stressful and the nights are burdensome and strenuous. The sleeping glasses darken the environment, so that your night rest is not disturbed by reading lamps and on-board TV. In addition, the padded eyebrow prevents uncomfortable eye pressure.

For each purchase from 70 € there are these free articles: Sleeping-glasses

Luggage signs - for more safety

With a luggage sign, you can ensure that your luggage is not lost. You can label it with your address so that it can be forwarded to you if it arrives late after an air journey. In addition, it is particularly colorful and striking, so you can quickly find your suitcase on the luggage strap.

For each purchase from 70 € there are these free articles:Luggage sign

Berlintasche - beach bag - for holidays

In the shoulder bag with the stylish Berlin imprint you can practically accommodate beach towel, bikini and water bottle. Friendly bright colors are perfect for any holiday, sea and sun - the beach bag are a great eye-catcher on the beach or just practical for leisurely shopping in the city!
For every purchase from 60 € there is this free article: beach bag 15 cm or at 100€: beach bag 36 cm

Organizer Set - for more order

Organizer sets simplify the case packing and ensure a quick order and overview in the suitcase, in the travel bag or in the wardrobe. Ideal for people who travel a lot.
or every purchase from 190 € there is this free article: Suitcase Organizer

Our currently available free articles