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Hauptstadtkoffer Kofferset

Set up the suitcase set and save money:

Luggage selection

You can choose from a variety of styles (for example from our popular classics such as Alex, Wedding, Spree, Ostkreuz, X-Berg or F-Hain).

Combine luggage

Combine size, color and design according to your taste, so you have a wider choice and do not always go with the same suitcase traveling. Of course, you can equip your entire family with a suitcase set.

Instant Discount

The instant discount will be displayed in the shopping cart so you can keep an eye on your current spending status and know how much you have already saved. For every additional suitcase you will receive an additional Euro discount.


A great advantage of luggage sets is that these can be stacked perfectly together and thus can be stowed away in space. Just look at our site Suitcase set - combine case - there we have many useful tips for you, how you can put together your suitcase set.

Free items

With every purchase there is one Free item as a thank you from us.

So much you can save

01 x case = 00€ save up + 1 Free item
02 x case = 05€ save up + 1 Free item
03 x case = 10€ save up + 1 Free item
04 x case = 15€ save up + 1 Free item
05 x case = 20€ save up + 1 Free item
06 x case = 25€ save up + 1 Free item
07 x case = 30€ save up + 1 Free item
08 x case = 35€ save up + 1 Free item
09 x case = 40€ save up + 1 Free item
10 x case = 45€ save up + 1 Free item
11 x case = 50€ save up + 1 Free item