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You have planned a big vacation with the whole family? You want to put together a suitcase set and save up to 50 €? This is quite simple! Find a combination of our different suitcase series - e.g. Alex, Wedding, X-Berg, Spree, Ostrkreuz, F-Hain. This saves money and offers a large, colorful suitcase mix that leaves more options open. So you can quickly combine a suitable set for your family and completely outfit family members.

Advantages of the luggage set

Save money

Come to enjoy and use our discount scale when buying several suitcases. For 2 suitcases there are 15 euros discount, for 3 suitcases already 20 euros and for 4 suitcases full 30 euros. It's worth it!

Stow away perfectly

An advantage of luggage sets is the convenient storage option. The suitcases can be stacked well in each other and thus save space during storage, if you want to store your luggage over a longer period of time.

Combine colors

Another advantage is that the different suitcase series have a colorful variety of colors, from which you can put together a color combination according to your preferences, so that family members can choose freely.

Combine series

The different suitcase series have different designs, from which you can put together a combination according to your ideas. So you do not have to commit to a particular form of a suitcase and you can choose a successful design combination.

For families and sports clubs

Due to their combination variety, luggage sets are ideal for equipping the entire family for a great vacation so that every member of the family is completely satisfied. Even sports clubs can be optimally equipped with the suitcase sets.

Free Article

As a thank you for your trust, you will already receive a free item when you buy a piece of luggage. The free items vary depending on the shopping cart value. Choose from practical luggage tags, stylish "Berlintaschen" and cool sunglasses.

Combine your suitcase set