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Medium-sized luggage (60-69 cm)


For short-term stay, a medium-sized suitcase from Hauptstadtkoffer is the best appropriated. The medium-sized bag fits easily in any niche - whether on the bus, train or plane. A space-saving travel companion, that still offers plenty of storage space and thereby makes any short vacation convenient and easy.

Find your practical suitcase for a week holidays! Hauptstadtkoffer has, for any occasion, the matching hard shell or soft shell suitcase for you. Choose a category to find the ideal case: hard shell or soft shell luggage.

Please note!

Pay attention to the size of the luggage. It might be difficult to pull too large suitcases in the train corridor. It is also difficult to store them above or down the seats.

Before your flight or your bus trip, please, inform yourself about the applicable baggage allowance. If the suitcase is too large or too heavy, you might have to pay an extra fee.

A medium-sized trolley is ideal for bus and train travel.