5-year warranty on the hard shell

2-year warranty on wheels, handles, zippers and telescopic rod

Guarantee conditions

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER grants worldwide, from the date of purchase, a two-year warranty on wheels, handles and zippers and a five-year warranty on the hard shell. The HAUPTSTADTKOFFER warranty is valid for products purchased from the 01.01.2015. The warranty service covers material and / or production faults. We decide on the measures to remedy the defect. The remedy of the defect can also be done via the sending of spare parts. The assembly must be done on your own. The provided warranty herein is only valid for the first purchaser or gift recipient. The period of the guarantee is mentioned in the warranty card, which is in the product, and / or under "product features" on our website. This warranty is no guarantee of durability. The guarantee does not cover normal wear, improper handling or external forces (i.e. transport damage such as deformation, tears, fractures of the hard shell, scratches, dents, abrasion, etc.). Please refer to the accompanying product warranty and care instructions.


All damages are processed by the HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Service Centre. All returns must be announced in advance. Unpaid shipments will be declined or charged.

For warranty service at our service centre, you will need the duly completed warranty certificate or the original purchase receipt. The Service Centre will decide whether the problem is covered by the warranty of HAUPTSTADTKOFFER or not. If the problem is covered by the warranty, you will be informed whether the product will be repaired or replaced. The costs of such repair or replacement carries HAUPTSTADTKOFFER, including any costs incurred to return the repaired or replaced product within Europe. If the product is to be replaced and this product is no longer available, HAUPTSTADTKOFFER will replace it with a comparable product.

Flight / transport damages

We recommend you to examine the product immediately after any transport. If you notice any transport damage, please report it immediately to the carrier (for example, plane, train company). Damages resulting from improper transport are excluded from the guarantee.

Spare parts and Repair

For spare parts and repairs, please contact our Service Centre.

IMPORTANT! This guarantee should give you specific legal rights. In addition to the rights described here, you may also have other rights which vary, depending on the state or country and related to the exclusion or application of implied warranty, repair and replacement. Thus it may be that the limitations or exclusions contained in this warranty does not apply to you.
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