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Koffer packen wie ein Profi Hauptstadtkoffer

Which suitcase is the right one for me?


Traveling by train

With their short edge, the trolleys with 4 wheels are perfect to roll them through the corridors.


Travel by car

For travels by car, soft shell trolleys have an advantage over hard shell suitcases. Due to the flexible design, you can use the boot volume idealy. So what can sometimes be squeezed and the place is characterized optimally utilized.


Travel by plane

Hard suitcases are the ideal companion when traveling by air. Thanks to the rigid and stable surface, your belongings are well protected; even if your suitcase should fall from baggage carousel!

Packing my suitcase easily: Tips for a smart holiday preparation

Stress before traveling? Here you will find a few tips, on how you can avoid the annoying stress of packing before the holiday.

    • Fold clothes and squeezing is out. Nowadays you roll the clothes as a space-saving and crease-free alternative. However, one should tightly roll and still release a little space for souvenirs from vacation.
    • Important and what many people often forget: drugs should be absolutely stored in the hand baggage, so they are on hand in an emergency. Also laptop, camera and mobile phone should be placed in your hand luggage, in case the main luggage gets lost. In addition, electronic devices can be damaged during ungentle transport at the airport. An additional advantage is that you have things in your hand luggage always ready to hand.
    • Be sure to think about it: Liquids and creams belong in the main luggage! In the hand luggage, fluids may only be carried in a container with a maximum volume of 100 ml and most well packed in a transparent bag or the provided liquid bags. At the airports, an everage of 50 tons per month of beverage and cosmetic products are sorted out and each passenger is annoyed, when he has to leave his expensive cosmetics or bottles, just because he forgot about the rules.
    • Do not pack too much! It is always a big mistake to be afraid of forgetting something and to pack then unnecessary things. Usually one wears only the favorite clothes, like in everyday life and the rest is then staying in the suitcase. Hair dryer and towels are usually at the hotel. So rather grab space!
    • Pack heavy items such as shoes and jeans completely down. Socks and underwear can be rolled, stuffed into shoes or be used as a filler to pad out open spaces. Fancy items such as shirts, pants and good evening garments, which shall not be bent, are at the best, flat on the bottom of the suitcase or behind the net.
    • Last but not least: Secure the luggage! The best is with a TSA lock, so that, if necessary, it can be opened at the airport by the security employees, who have a universal key. Like that, the suitcase will not be damaged!

Pack shirts without folds: Tips for a crease-free packing

If on the spot, you do not have any iron at hand, you should make sure to pack the suitcase with the right combination of shirts with other garments.

    • The best way to avoid a mess in the suitcase, is to pack the heavy goods down and the lighter ones on the top. Folds in the clothes occur when heavy shoes, books or similar are pressed in the suitcase on lighter things and bring them out of shape.
    • Also helpful: shirts or evening dresses can be packed separately in a bag or in tissue paper. You can also place a folded blanket between the heavy and light objects.
    • The size of the luggage should correspond and be adapted to the garment that is to remain fold free. The small suitcases often cause, that softer things get bent at the edges. So, before buying a suitcase, you should consider what kind of clothes you will take with.

We wish you a good trip!

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