Pack your suitcase like a pro

Koffer packen wie ein Profi Hauptstadtkoffer

Which suitcase is right for me?

Travel by train

Trolleys with 4 wheels can be perfectly pushed with the narrow side ahead through the corridors of the cars of the train.

Travel by car

When traveling by car, travel bags have an advantage over hard-shell suitcases. Due to the flexible design, you can use the trunk volume ideal. So sometimes something can be squeezed in and the space is used optimally.

Travel by plane

Hard-shell suitcases are the ideal companion for air travel. Due to the rigid and stable surface, your belongings are optimally protected. Likewise, if your suitcase should fall off the baggage carousel.

Organize and save space

Praktisches Koffer-Organizer-Set für mehr Ordnung

Organizer sets

They are extremely compact and bring order to your chaos. In addition, the storage bags provide optimal protection against wrinkling, dirt or damage. With the help of space-saving panniers, your travel utensils are compressed and packed in no time. The dice fit perfectly in any travel bag, trolley, backpack or carry-on bag - ideal for people who travel a lot. Also extremely useful for everyday life e.g. for school sports, the fitness center, as a cosmetic or storage bag. The organizer set by Hauptstadtkoffer is available as a 4-part or 7-piece set in different colors. Click here for our travel accessories.

Praktisches Koffer-Organizer-Set für mehr Ordnung

Vacuum bags

They are extremely space efficient and compress clothing, sheets and comforters. In addition, the storage bags provide optimal protection against bacteria, moths, mold, dust, insects and moisture. The storage bags are sturdy, double sealed and guarantee safe storage. You do not need a vacuum pump to quickly and safely compress clothing, towels or bedding. Simply put the clothes in the vacuum bag, roll the compression bag, close the zipper and store the valuables. Practically, the Compress Bags are also traveling, so that more luggage can be taken on the return journey - our storage bag saves valuable space in the suitcase. Dirty clothes can easily be separated from clean laundry with a vacuum bag. Click here for our travel accessories.

Suitcase packing like a pro

Stress before the trip? Here are tips for stress reduction before the holidays.

  • Folding clothes is old-fashioned. Nowadays you roll your clothes as a space-saving and wrinkle-free alternative. One should, however, roll tight and possibly leave a little space for souvenirs from the holiday.
  • Important and what many forget again and again: Medicines should definitely be given with the hand luggage, so they are in an emergency quickly to hand. Also laptop, camera and mobile belong in the hand luggage, because the main luggage could be lost. In addition, electronic devices may be damaged during rough transportation at the airport. An additional advantage is that you always have the items in your hand luggage at hand.

Be sure to remember:

  • Liquids and creams belong in the main luggage. In the hand luggage only containers under 100 milliliters may be taken and best well packed in a transparent bag or the designated liquid bags. At the airports, an average of 50 tons of drinks and cosmetics are sorted out every month and every passenger gets annoyed when he has to hand over his expensive cosmetics or bottles because he has not thought of the rule.
  • Do not pack too much! A big mistake is always, for fear of forgetting something, packing unnecessary things. Usually you only wear your favorite clothes, just like in everyday life and the rest stews in your suitcase. Hair dryer and towels are usually in the hotel. So rather save space.
  • Pack heavy things like shoes and jeans all the way down. Socks and underwear can be rolled into shoes or used as a filler to cushion open spaces. Chic things like shirts, good pants and evening wear, which should not be kinked, it is best to lay flat on the bottom of the case or behind the net.
  • Last but not least: Das Gepäck sichern! Am besten mit einem TSA-Schloss, denn diese können von Flughafenmitarbeitern mit einem Universalschlüssel geöffnet werden, damit der Koffer keinen Schaden nimmt!

Wrap shirts crease-free

If you do not have an iron on hand, you should pay attention when packing the suitcase, how to make the right combination of a shirt with other garments.

  • Laying heavy objects to the bottom and lighter things on top is the best way to prevent clutter in your suitcase, even when exposed to stress. Wrinkles in the garments are created when heavy shoes, books or the like in the case press on lighter things and bring them out of shape.
  • It is also helpful to pack shirts or evening dresses separately beforehand, such as in a bag or in tissue paper. In addition, you can put a folded blanket between the heavy and light objects.
  • Also, the size of the suitcase should be right and adapted to the garment, which should remain wrinkle-free. Too small suitcases often cause softer things to be bent at the edges. So when buying a suitcase should already be considered, which type of clothing to be transported.

Avoid excess baggage

Handliche Kofferwaage für weniger Übergepäck

The handy luggage scale fits into any suitcase and prevents additional costs when checking in.
The holiday is coming, suitcases are packed - but how heavy is the suitcase? Excess baggage can heavily burden the wallet. With the mobile luggage scales you avoid expensive excess baggage - also ideal for the return journey if the purchased souvenirs burden the scales. Click here for our travel accessories.

Matching travel items for suitcase packing