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British Airways is a national airline in the United Kingdom, with headquarters in London. It is one of the world’s largest airlines as well as a founding member of the aviation alliance oneworld.

Regulations, offers and tariffs

British Airways luggage / hand luggage regulations


Each passenger can take one item of hand luggage on board with the following measurements: maximum weight of 23 kg and up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm large.

In addition to hand luggage, the following items can also be taken on board without incurring extra fees:

  • 1 x hand bag / laptop bag (maximum of 23kg and up to 40 x 30 x 15 cm)

Infants under 2 years can take:

  • 1 x item of cabin luggage for anything needed during the flight (maximum of 23kg up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm)

Airline Services


The on-board entertainment schedule at British Airways offers over 1300 hours of entertainment, including 130 different films, 400 different TV programmes, as well as music albums, radio shows, podcasts, audio books and online gaming. Entertainment programmes can viewed by each passenger at their seat on large, touch-sensitive screens with a high-resolution display via an intuitive user interface. Passengers can readily navigate their way through the menu with touch and swipe gestures. Children can also enjoy a wider range of TV programmes and video games, and passengers with audial or visual impairments will find content specially tailored to their needs.


Economy Class on-board catering

On short flights in Economy Class, British Airways provides snacks such as sandwiches, fruit salads, yoghurt, salted nuts or popcorn. Hot / cold drinks are also served on-board – note that only credit card payments are accepted. On long-distance flights, the airline will serve a 3-course menu free of charge. Up to 24 hours before boarding, you can request menu specials as an addition to the standard menu; this might for example be candied goats cheese, polenta with spinach and a lemon tart.

Premium Economy Class on-board catering

On long-distance flights in Premium Economy Class, the airline provides an English breakfast with bacon, eggs and toast. Continental breakfasts can also be requested. Around midday and in the evening, a three-course menu will be available with a choice between two options. In the afternoon, British Airways also provides an afternoon tea of sandwiches and scones.

Business Class catering

On short distances in Business Class, breakfast will be provided with warm or vegetarian options. Salad, hot sandwiches and hot meals will be available in the afternoons and evenings. In the late afternoon, there will be afternoon tea with cake. On long-distance flights, lunch will comprise 3-course menus.

First Class catering

This also provides breakfast and afternoon teas, as well as á la carte dining, champagne at the bar and seasonal salad entrees. For example, the main course could consist of separate orders of codfish with almond satay sauce, jasmine rice and aubergine curry. An example of a dessert would be oven-baked vanilla pudding on sweet pastry with cherry filling.

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Passenger rights


If a booking is cancelled after the contract has come into force, the following shall apply:
For package holiday reservations payed for at an inclusive price, the relevant cancellation fees are specified when the booking is made.
For flights not booked within a package (and there charged separately), cancellation of the air ticket follows in accordance with the relevant conditions of carriage alongside relevant ticket and tariff conditions. Please note that certain types of ticket are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Cancellation fees will apply for cancellations made by the reserving passenger. Our standard cancellation fees are pre-specified when the booking is made. The percentages referring to the cancellation and exchange fees refer to the prices. If a discount has been granted for booking hotel accommodation, a rental car, transfer or an activity relating to a flight and the flight is then cancelled, the discount loses its validity and the client is charged with the reduced amount. 
Cancellation fees are charged by us to cover the costs imposed on us by our contractual partners, as well as admin costs. These must be paid for immediately.


For flights delayed by 5 or more hours, compensation will be awarded to passengers for sections of the journey not flown.
If arrival at the final destination is delayed by over 3 hours and this delay has specific causes within our control (unlike exceptional circumstances which could not have been prevented even with all appropriate measures taken), you may claim for compensation.


Passengers will be rebooked onto a later flight with British Airways without incurring additional fees (subject to availability). In most cases, the flight will be rebooked automatically. The passenger can change the rebooking if it is inconveniently timed. If a passenger is unable to make the flight, the booking can be cancelled and a refund awarded using the original payment method (including taxes). If the booking also includes other flights by British Airways which have not been cancelled, passengers can also change these flights.

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All items of luggage that have been lost or forgotten and subsequently found on board will be deposited at the lost property office at the destination airport. Items found at the airport or in the British Airways lounge will be handed over to ground crew.
You can log on to the luggage tracking system using a declaration number for missing luggage articles.
Damaged luggage or missing contents must be reported within 7 days after the flight. At the airport, a British Airways team employee should be appropriately informed. You can also get in touch directly on the homepage with baggage claims.


British Airways provides many different tariffs tailored to passengers’ various needs. This will give passengers greater flexibility in choosing.


Basic tariffs are most suitable when a passenger wishes to have cheapest tariff. Upon check-in, you will be allocated a seat and the tariff will cover a generous hand luggage allowance. Basic tariffs enable you to check in luggage for a fee, choose your seat or add on other extras under the section “Edit booking”.


Plus tariffs provide a range of benefits that add comfort and ease to your journey. You can bring extra luggage, choose any seat you wish, and on the day of departure you can have changes made to your flight free of charge. Plus tariffs also cover all items of checked-in hand luggage in addition to the generous luggage allowance limits. You can choose your seat up to 48 hours before the flight commences. If there are last-minute changes of plan, you can rearrange your departing flight free of charge up to one hour before the original flight commences. Changes can be made for a fee + price difference at any other time.


Plus Flex tariffs are highly recommended if you may need to make your own personal change of plan. This tariff includes great flexibility, and you will receive a full refund if you decide to cancel your flight. You can also choose any seat you like and even transfer onto a different flight up to an hour before the original planned departure if your needs change.

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