Dimensions and hand luggage regulations

British Airways - is a national airline of the United Kingdom based in London, one of the world's largest airlines and is a founding member of the airline alliance oneworld.

  • BAGGAGE FREE: SUITCASE DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT - Each passenger is allowed to take one piece of hand luggage on board with the following dimensions: Max. 23 kg in weight and up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm in size.
  • IN ADDITION TO HAND BAGGAGE, THE FOLLOWING ITEMS CAN BE TAKEN AT NO CHARGE - 1 x handbag/laptop bag (max. 23kg and up to 40 x 30 x 15 cm).
  • INFANTS (UNDER 2 YEARS) ARE ALLOWED TO BRING: - 1 x cabin baggage for items needed during the flight (max 23kg and up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm.
  • The piece of baggage (including handles, bags and wheels) must fit into the baggage measuring device at check-in.
  • The weight limit applies to each piece of luggage. It is not possible to spread the total weight over several pieces of luggage.
  • Bags must be able to be lifted into the luggage storage compartments without outside help.
  • On busy flights, an additional bag may need to be checked in. For this reason, no valuables or medicines should be kept in this bag.
  • Duty-free and airport purchases count as carry-on baggage.
  • If the baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, the additional baggage must be checked in and carried in the hold.
  • If the checked baggage allowance is exceeded, an additional piece of baggage may be charged.



British Airways' inflight entertainment system offers over 1,300 hours of entertainment including 130 films, 400 TV programmes, music albums, radio programmes, podcasts, audio books and online games. The entertainment program is offered at the passenger's seat on larger, touch-sensitive screens with a high-resolution display via an intuitive user interface. Passengers can navigate through the menu with touch and swipe gestures. Children can also enjoy a more extensive TV program, gaming games and passengers with hearing or visual impairments will find more processed content.


ECONOMY CLASS CATERING - On short-haul Economy Class flights, British Airways offers a snack bar with sandwiches, fruit salad or yoghurt. Snacks such as salted nuts or popcorn are also available. Hot/cold drinks are also served - payment is by credit card. On long-haul flights, the airline serves a free 3-course meal. In addition to the standard meal, an individual menu request can be booked up to 24 hours before departure, for example made from candied goat cheese, polenta with spinach and a meringue tart on lemon sauce.

IN-FLIGHT CATERING PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS - On long-haul flights in Premium Economy Class, the airline offers an English Breakfest with bacon, egg and toast. A continental breakfast can also be served on request. Around lunchtime and in the evening there is a 3-course menu on offer, with two options to choose from. In the afternoon, British Airways offers a five o'clock tea with sandwiches and scones.

BUSINESS CLASS CATERING - A hot or vegetarian breakfast is offered on short-haul Business Class routes. At lunchtime and in the evening there is a salad, a warm sandwich or a warm meal. Then in the afternoon five o'clock tea with cake. On long-haul flights, lunch consists of 3-course meals.

FIRST CLASS CATERING - Breakfast and afternoon tea are also available here. Otherwise, First Class dines à la carte. Champagne at the bar and seasonal salad as a starter. The main course consists, for example, of cod fillet with almond satay sauce, jasmine rice and aubergine curry. For dessert there is, for example, oven-baked vanilla pudding on sweet pastries with cherry jelly.



If the booking is canceled after the contract has come into force, the following applies:
In the case of package holiday bookings for which an inclusive price has been paid, the associated cancellation charges will be disclosed at the time of booking. For flights that are not booked as part of a package holiday (and are therefore calculated independently), the cancellation of the flight ticket will be made in accordance with the applicable Conditions of Carriage and applicable Ticket Conditions and Fare Rules. Please note that certain ticket types are non-refundable and non-changeable.

Cancellations by the customer are subject to cancellation fees. Our standard cancellation charges are set at the time of booking. The percentages mentioned for the change and cancellation fees refer to the prices. If a discount has been granted for the booking of hotel accommodation, car rental, transfers or an activity in connection with a flight and the flight is then cancelled, the discount will no longer apply and the discount amount will be charged to the customer.

The cancellation fees are charged by us to cover the costs imposed on us by our contractors and administrative costs. They are to be paid immediately.


If a flight is delayed by 5 hours or more, there is a refund for the portions of the journey that were not flown. If your arrival at your final destination is delayed by more than 3 hours, provided that this delay is due to causes within our control (as opposed to extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided with all reasonable measures), a claim for Compensation.


Passengers will be rebooked on a later British Airways flight at no additional charge (subject to availability). In most cases, the flight will be automatically rebooked. The passenger can change this if the date does not suit him. If the flight cannot be taken, the booking can be canceled and a refund (tax included) can be obtained in the form of the original payment method. If the booking includes other British Airways flights that are not cancelled, the passenger can change those flights as well.

IMPORTANT! More information about British Airways flight cancellations.


Any lost or forgotten luggage found on board the aircraft will be handed over to the Lost & Found office at the arrival airport. Items found at the airport or in the British Airways lounge will be handed over to ground handling staff. A missing baggage report number can be used to log into the baggage tracking system. Damaged baggage or missing content must be reported within 7 days. At the airport, a member of the British Airways team should be informed. Otherwise, complaints about luggage can be contacted directly on the homepage.

BRITISH AIRWAYS Fares - British Airways offers a variety of fares tailored to the different needs of passengers. This gives the passenger greater flexibility in making a choice.
  • BASIC Basic tariffs are ideal if the cheapest tariff is desired. You will be assigned a seat at check-in and the fare includes a generous carry-on bag. With Basic fares, you have the option to check baggage, choose your seat or add other extras via Manage My Booking for an additional fee.
  • PLUS - Plus fares offer a number of advantages that make traveling easier and more comfortable. More luggage can be carried. The seat can be chosen freely and changes to the flight can be made free of charge on the day of departure. Plus fares include checked bags in addition to the generous carry-on bag. The seat can be selected up to 48 hours before the flight. If there is a last-minute change in the schedule, the flight can be changed on the day of departure free of charge up to one hour before the scheduled departure. Changes can be made at any other time for a fee + fare difference.
  • PLUS FLEX - Plus Flex tariffs are recommended if the personal schedule changes. This fare offers the greatest flexibility, and there is a full refund of the fare in the event of flight cancellation. In addition, the seat can be freely selected and a more suitable flight can be selected up to one hour before the scheduled departure time.
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