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Eurowings is a German budget airline with headquarters in Düsseldorf and a base at Düsseldorf Airport. It is a subsidiary of Lufthansa and has completed its range of flights beyond the hub airports of Frankfurt and Munich since 2015.

Regulations, offers and fares

Eurowings luggage regulations


  • Permitted on board: 1 piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 8 kg. The maximum dimensions must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. This excludes foldable garment bags - they may measure up to 57 x 54 x 15 cm as hand luggage.
  • In addition to hand luggage, another bag (maximum size: 40 x 30 x 10 cm) can be taken on board (e.g. laptop, handbag or briefcase). One baby carrycot, children's car seat or buggy per child (to be carried in the hold if necessary) and wheelchairs/orthopaedic aids (e.g. mobility aids) may be taken into the cabin.


  • Large or heavy luggage must be handed over at the counter. It must be transported in the hold due to the limited storage space on board.
  • Excess luggage can reserved directly at the time of booking - online or by phone - or the booking can be amended later. It can also be booked via the Eurowings mobile service. Otherwise, an additional fee will be charged upon baggage check-in at the airport.

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Airline Services


  • On short- and medium-haul flights, the Wings Entertainment app offers the best entertainment on board - for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Various blockbusters, popular classics and music are available. Internet is also available on selected aeroplanes.
  • On long-haul flights you can choose between different blockbusters, popular classics, games and music. You can connect to the broadband internet via your own device.


  • On short- and medium-haul flights there is a variety of fresh and inexpensive snacks (spicy or sweet) and a wide selection of top quality à la carte meals on offer. They are characterised by their regional origin, special preparation method or unusual recipe. Hot and cold drinks are also served.
  • BEST - Fare: There is a special à la carte selection. A drink and a snack of your choice are included in the ticket for free.
  • SMART - Fare: Here you will receive a hearty or sweet snack, still water and an additional drink of your choice.

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Passenger rights


The passenger is entitled to different benefits and compensation.
3 HOURS DELAY: The EU passenger rights regulation protects passengers for delays of over 3 hours. The flight distance is important in determining the amount of the compensation or refund (calculated according to the great circle method):

  • For short distances of up to 1,500 km, the passenger is entitled to €250 compensation from Eurowings.
  • Between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, the passenger receives €400 compensation.
  • For long distances from 3,500 km there is compensation of €600.

5 HOURS DELAY: Here it is possible to withdraw from the flight. The airline is obliged to reimburse the costs incurred or to offer alternative transport.
Departure on the next day: In this case, you are entitled to a free overnight stay at a hotel and transport to and from the airport


If the flight has been cancelled, then the airline must offer a replacement flight. Affected parties can use the airline's booking options online or switch to other means of transport. The airline will pay for 2nd class train tickets or coach travel. Eurowings will also cover accommodation costs if passengers have to use a hotel due to a cancelled flight.


Eurowings makes every effort to resolve any baggage damage quickly. The damage must first be reported to the local Eurowings check-in service. The airline assumes no liability in the case of wear and tear on the luggage or damage caused by the luggage itself. The same applies to oversized or heavy baggage, packages that are unfit for air transport (boxes, plastic bags), scratches or dents on luggage, as well as soiling.
A written notification of the damage should be made within the prescribed period of 7 days.

The following documents are also required:
  • Booking code (online confirmation number)
  • Damage report from the destination airport
  • A receipt or report from a suitcase specialist about the value or condition of the damaged luggage item
  • Your bank details - not your credit card details (please provide your IBAN and SWIFT code for foreign accounts)
  • Your telephone number for any queries and messages
  • Your baggage tag


Baggage loss should be reported as quickly as possible to the "Lost & Found" desk in the arrivals area of the destination airport. Unfortunately, later reports cannot be considered. In the first 5 days after the bag is lost, the airport where the loss was reported is responsible for the search. Then the Eurowings head office takes over the search - on the Eurowings website you can find out about the progress of the search under "Luggage Transfer."

The following documents should be submitted by email in the case of lost luggage:
  • Booking code (online confirmation number)
  • Loss report from the destination airport
  • The contents list (BIF) provided by the airport, which you must complete and sign in full
  • Your bank details - not your credit card details (please provide your IBAN and SWIFT code for foreign accounts)
  • Your telephone number for any queries and messages
  • Your baggage tag



The following services can be booked for short- and medium-haul routes:
  • Snack & drink from €6
  • Baggage up to 23 kg from €8 (depending on the route)
  • Additional bags up to 23 kg for €75 each
  • Seat of choice in standard area from €5
  • Seat with more legroom (including snack & drink) from €17 (depending on the route and availability)
  • Additional services (e.g. special luggage and sports equipment) bookable for a surcharge (depending on service)
The following services can be booked for long-haul flights:
  • Sky meal from €7.90
  • Baggage up to 23 kg from €25
  • Additional bags up to 23 kg for €150 each
  • Seat of choice from €8
  • Seat with more legroom (incl. SMART meals) for €85 (depending on availability)
  • Amendments and additional services (e.g. special luggage and sports equipment) bookable for a surcharge (depending on service)


For short and medium distances (Eurowings destinations):
  • Seat of choice (standard)
  • Snack & drink
  • Lounge access at selected airports for HON circle members, senators and frequent fliers
  • 1 bag up to 23 kg included
  • Miles
The following services can be booked at the SMART rate:
  • Seat with more legroom from €3 (depending on the route and availability)
  • Flex option (amendments available until online check-in is closed)
  • Special luggage and sports equipment bookable for a surcharge (depending on service)


The following services are included in the BEST fare for short- and medium-haul flights:
  • Preferred seat in rows 1-3 with more legroom (subject to availability)
  • Free adjacent seat
  • Lounge access (subject to availability)
  • Increased mileage credit
  • Priority check-in, use of security fast lane (subject to availability)
  • Reserved overhead hand luggage space
  • À la carte catering
  • 2 bags up to 23 kg each included
  • 2 items of hand luggage

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