USA Reisen Hauptstadtkoffer

TSA Lock

If you travel to the US, you will have to take care of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) restrictions. For security searches, you should not lock your luggage, except it is equipped with the special TSA lock. The TSA staff will be then able to open and close the suitcase with a master key (the owner of the baggage does not possess any key). Thanks to this TSA lock, your suitcase will not have to be forced.

Dimensions for the hand luggage

56cm (height) x 45cm (width) x 25cm (depth)

General Terms and Conditions for hand luggages

General Terms and Conditions for hand luggages stipulates that, those traveling in first and business class, are permitted to take two hand luggages in the cabine, travelers from the economy class, only one piece. The size approved is determined by the different airlines, but, usually, a weight of 5 to 8 kg is allowed. In most cases, laptops, mobile phones or portable music players are allowed in hand luggages.

Hand luggage on US-domestic flights

Even passengers flying within the States must adapt to specific hand luggage regulations. Those regulations might differ from the international ones; the national airlines will give you more information.

Duty Free in hand luggage

The regulation of duty-free products is not easy. Travelers who want to transport on US flights, liquids bought in Duty Free, such as perfumes, must observe special regulations. These products are only allowed in the hand baggage, only if they are purchased either directly on the plane or at the last airport of departure. That means, that travelers who buy a liquid from the Duty Free at the airport of departure, are not allowed to carry this product on the connecting flight at a stopover. This rule applies regardless of, whether the journey has begun in the US or the EU. Welded products are also affected by this regulation.


In hand luggages for US flights: fluids may only be carried in a container with a maximum volume of 100 ml for the flights from the EU to the States. For flights from the States to the EU, the amount is reduced to 85 - 90 ml, which corresponds approximately to the US measure of 3 ounces. All liquids must be carried in a single-sealable plastic bag with a size of 0.9 liters. These does not only include perfumes or drinks, but also gels or pressure vessel. Cosmetics and toiletries should therefore be preferably carried in checked baggage.

Jackets, camera und co.

In addition to the regular hand luggage, other objects are also allowed in the cabin. These include, for instance, a handbag, a jacket or a blanket, a camera and binoculars, as well as books for the journey.

Drugs, physically impaired people and infants

n addition, special arrangements have been adopted for people who are dependent on the carrying of special food or medication. Travelers with young children may take the necessary baby food for the flight with no restrictions and a carrycot into the cabin. Also travelers who rely on special food are allowed to take this into the cabin without limitation. However, any form of liquid food must be presented separately at the control. Physically disabled people are allowed to carry necessary crutches in hand luggage. Your necessary flight medication can be carried without any restrictions. For drugs in liquid or gel form, it is still recommended to have a medical certificate or prescription in order to demonstrate the need.

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