Travel safely - with the TSA combination lock

Hauptstadtkoffer TSA-Zahlenschloss

Protection against thieves and smugglers while travelling is provided by so-called TSA locks, of which there are now more than 250 million worldwide. The special feature: only the airport security can open it in case of a random examination. Without a TSA lock, it can damage your baggage, cause delays in baggage claim, or even make you miss your connecting flight.

What is a TSA combination lock?

Nowadays, international contracts require that all items of baggage undergo a security check before being loaded onto passenger aircraft. If suspect or unidentifiable material is found in a piece of luggage through the baggage screen, the bag is opened. If your luggage is locked with a lock approved by Travel Sentry, security officers can use a master key to open and properly close the lock for verification.
Locks without TSA blocking are destroyed without asking the owner.

Benefits of using a TSA combination lock

Why is a TSA combination lock so beneficial for your trip?
The TSA combination lock has been designed to prevent damage to the locked suitcase when it is forcibly opened by the airport authority. The TSA lock can be easily opened and closed by the staff at the airport with a master key. In addition, your belongings will be protected from theft, manipulation and abuse of smugglers by closing your baggage.

Which countries use TSA locks?

Travel Sentry TSA locks are used by default and are not limited to any particular country. However, they are preferably used in the following regions of the world:
At every US-controlled US Virgin Islands airport in the Caribbean to the faraway Pacific islands like Guam and at all airports on the US mainland, Hawaii and Alaska. The Travel Sentry system is also used at every airport in Canada, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Finland and Austria.

How do I set a new combination of numbers for the lock by Hauptstadtkoffer?

Almost all combination locks of Hauptstadtkoffer are locks approved by the Transportation Security Administration. You recognize the registered locks by the red diamond.

Here you will find an overview of our combination locks incl. Instruction manual

TSA combination lock for retrofitting