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Why it is safer to travel with a TSA number lock

Hauptstadtkoffer TSA Zahlenschloss

Soon the next holiday begins? You want to go on a trip and ensure that your belongings arrive unharmed at the destination, so that you can enjoy your trip relaxed? Generally, you are free to complete your luggage. Without a lock, however, it can lead to damage to the luggage, to delays in the delivery of the luggage or even to the fact that you miss your connecting flight. The TSA authority accepts no liability for damage or travel delay due to safety checks.

What is a TSA lock?

  • The TSA combination lock works WITHOUT KEY.
  • The lock can only be opened with a special master key. This key is possessed only by US airport security. The lock can be opened with this special key only by the staff of the American Safety Authority (Transportation Security Administration), thus a forced opening of the luggage at the check-in area is avoided.
  • All locks approved by the Transportation Security Administration bear this logo: 

    For more information about the Travel Sentry-certified system, please visit:
  • The owner of the suitcase can easily open the TSA combination lock by entering its own combination of numbers.
  • The TSA combination lock, as all combination locks from Hauptstadtkoffer are shipped by default with the number 0-0-0. The combination of numbers can be changed individually by the owner.

How do I open may TSA combination lock if I have forgotten the numbers?

A three digit combination has 999 different combinations. If you start trying all combinations from 0-0-0 to 9-9-9, you will have opened your suitcase in about 20-30 minutes. If you experience some problems, please contact us.

How do I set a new combination?

Easy: select your suitcase (see pictures) and download the manual!