Lufthansa hand luggage and airline details

Lufthansa Handgepäck - Handgepäckbestimmungen bei Flügen mit Lufthansa

LUFTHANSA – The German airline Lufthansa AG based in Cologne is one of the world’s largest-scale airlines and initiators, as well as a founding member of the aviation alliance Star Alliance. In the mid-90s, the company grew from the scheduled airline Lufthansa, which is based in Frankfurt on the Main and is Germany’s largest airline. It is also referred to internally as Lufthansa Passage Airlines.

In 1994, the daughter airline Lufthansa Cargo AG was entrusted with air freight business duties; and Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) with aircraft maintenance work. The catering is provided by the in-house LSG Sky Chefs. The company uses Lufthansa Flight Training (LFT) to run international training centres for pilots and air stewards.

Lufthansa hand luggage dimensions and weight

Lufthansa Handgepäck - Handgepäckbestimmungen bei Flügen mit Lufthansa
Lufthansa Handgepäck - Handgepäckbestimmungen bei Flügen mit Lufthansa

The maximum dimensions for hand luggage taken on board Lufthansa are 55 x 40 x 23 cm. For foldable clothes bags, these dimensions are 57 x 54 x 15 cm. Lufthansa will transport larger items of hand luggage in the hold that fall within the free baggage allowance limits. If these free baggage limits are exceeded in quantity, dimensions and/or weight, then fixed prices for excess baggage shall apply. Personal documents, medication, valuables, mobile phones and laptops should only be taken in cabin luggage.
Please note that because of a ban on taking on board non-functioning mobile end devices for flights to the USA, there may be additional spot checks of electronic devices upon boarding (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.).

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Information on Lufthansa hand luggage regulations

The following items may be transported in the cabin only and not in the hold: fuel cell systems and spare fuel cartridges, portable oxygen concentrators, lighters, safety matches, spare batteries (lithium metal, lithium ion) and electronic cigarettes.
Please also use the space under the seats in front for storing hand luggage, but not in seat rows with an emergency exit.

Liquids in hand luggage

For flights within the EU and connecting flights from the EU (including flights all within Germany), the following regulations on liquids in hand luggage apply:

  • Containers of fluids and gel-like products have a maximum permissible capacity of 100 ml (each container must have a label stating its capacity)
  • One plastic bag (transparent, re-sealable, max. 1 litre) per person for all products
  • Each bag must be presented separately during security checks
  • Duty-free items must be kept in a certified, tamper-proof bag
  • Medication and special foods (e.g. baby foods) can be transported out of the plastic bags and must also be presented during security checks

Items and bags that do not comply with the regulations may not be taken on board. Similar regulations for liquids apply for flights and connecting flights to the USA.

Policy regarding liquid duty-free goods on board

Liquid duty-free goods on board that were purchased at an international airport or on board an aircraft outside the EU may be taken on a connecting flight via an EU-airport. However, they must be transported in a sealed duty-free bag (internationally standardised) with the corresponding purchase receipt enclosed. Before you fly, please check the relevant airport’s website to see which regulations apply to your departure terminal.

Can shavers, hairdryers or nail files be taken in hand luggage on Lufthansa flights?

You can certainly take hairbrushes, depilators, nail clippers and even hairdryers on board Lufthansa in hand luggage. With Lufthansa and other airlines, wet shavers with blades behind mesh screens as well as disposable razors are also permitted in hand luggage; but classic razor blades are strictly prohibited.

Toy or fake weapons (plastic or metal), petrol containers, nail files (paper files are permitted), cutlery, tools, scissor, syringes and knitting needles are not permitted in hand luggage.

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