Ryanair Handgepäck - Handgepäckbestimmungen bei Flügen mit Ryanair


Baggage allowance refers to the types and allowances for baggage that can be taken on board free of charge. In principle, only small hand luggage was previously considered free luggage.

However, Ryanair now also offers two fare options in which checked baggage is also included in the price.

Depending on the fare and booking option, a maximum of two free pieces of hand luggage or one piece of hand luggage and one free hold luggage per passenger can be taken as free luggage with Ryanair. For family trips there is a Family Plus tariff with more checked baggage.

  Value-Plan Regular Fare Plus Family Plus Flexi Plus
Small hand luggage
40 x 25 x 20 cm
max. 15 kg

Per passenger/Flight
Large hand luggage
55 x 40 x 20 cm
max. 10 kg
Checked baggage
max. 81 x 119 x 119 cm,
max.10 kg

Per passenger/Flight
Checked baggage
max. 81 x 119 x 119 cm,
max.20 kg

1 Piece/Booking
Reserved seat
For children up to 12 years


Hand luggage includes any type of handbag, laptop bag, backpack, .... Compliance with dimensions and weight is crucial.

The ticket price includes a small piece of hand luggage measuring 40 x 25 x 20 cm for each passenger . It is always stowed under the front seat, which is why it is also called underseat luggage.


Ryanair defines large hand luggage as a suitcase or bag with dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm (including handles and wheels) and a maximum weight of 10 kg. It is stowed in the overhead compartment.

If you book the Regular Fare or Flexi Plus tariff or the Priority option and 2 pieces of hand luggage, one large piece of hand luggage is included.

With all other tariffs, you can book a large piece of hand luggage with the ticket for a fee. Prices vary by route and flight date, also include priority boarding and cost between €/£8 and €/£30 online. At the airport, this service can cost up to €/£32.



With Ryanair, the usual hand luggage regulations also apply.

A maximum of 1,000 ml of liquids may be taken through the security check. Note that this includes not only liquids, but also sprays, gels, creams, and even spreads like liverwurst. The respective containers must not exceed a maximum capacity of 100 ml each. They should be packed in a resealable and transparent bag of 20x20 cm. Liquids purchased at the airport can be taken into the cabin. Hot drinks must be closed with a lid, alcohol with a maximum of 70% by volume may be taken into the cabin, but may not be opened on board. For liquid foods such as soup, yoghurt or sauces, only a maximum of 100 ml may be taken into the cabin.

Cigarettes can be taken in hand luggage, e-cigarettes (with a maximum of two spare batteries) and lighters (in your own pocket) must be taken into the cabin. Matches are strictly forbidden.

All tools (blunt or sharp) or sharp objects and even the mercury clinical thermometer must be placed in checked baggage. Only scissors and tweezers with a maximum length of 6 cm and rounded ends are allowed in the cabin . Razor blades must have a plastic frame to be transported in hand luggage. Knives may not exceed a maximum blade length of 6 cm - according to the EU regulation. However, the airports themselves often ban all sharp objects in hand luggage.

Cameras with dimensions of max. 63 x 27 x 28 cm are allowed in the cabin. It must be stowed in the luggage racks (arrive early for boarding). The lithium battery must be easy to disconnect and remove. A maximum of two power banks or lithium-ion batteries for portable electronic devices with a capacity of 100 Wh may be carried in carry-on baggage only. They must be individually wrapped to avoid short circuits.

The dimensions for taking instruments are subject to the hand luggage regulations of your tariff/your booking. Smaller musical instruments such as B. Guitars, violins or violas that are larger than the carry-on baggage allowance may be carried on board if a seat has been reserved for them and the fare has been paid accordingly. No carry-on or checked baggage is included in the reservation of an additional seat (not allowed in emergency rows 1, 16 and 17). You book the first seat in your name as an actual passenger, while for the second seat you enter COMFORT SEAT under last name and ADDITIONAL under first name. The name ADDITIONAL COMFORT SEAT will then appear in the reservation and on the online boarding pass. When checking in online, you enter the same travel document data for both seats.

Printer and toner cartridges with a maximum total weight of 500g may not be carried in the cabin, but may be carried in checked baggage.


General Ryanair rules for traveling with infants and children:

  • A maximum of two infants are permitted in each row of seats. One each left and right of the corridor.
  • One small child (8 days to 23 months) can be taken along per adult (from 16 years of age).
  • Children 12 and under must sit with an adult.
  • Restricted seats may not be used when traveling with infants or with aircraft-grade car seats.

To keep the family together, Ryanair offers a seat reservation for an adult in rows 18-33 for €4. This includes seats for up to 4 children. If you choose seats in the front rows for you and your children, the respective fees must be paid for each person. Except reserved seats are included in your fare.

Infants under the age of 2 may be carried on the lap without their own seat . Ryanair charges a fee of €/£25.00 for this.

A baby bag with the dimensions 45 × 35 × 20 cm and a maximum of 5 kg can be taken along in addition to the accompanying person's small hand luggage. Both bags can be stowed under the front seat, further reducing the available space. If you book a separate seat for your toddler via the call center, the diaper bag can be placed under the front seat and checked baggage can be purchased for the child as an option. For safety reasons, the toddler must sit on your lap during takeoff and landing.

Baby food, sterilized water and milk are not subject to the 100ml container limit. However, only a maximum of 1 liter of liquid is allowed. It may happen that you have to taste the liquids at the airport for security reasons. Be sure to observe the regulations on the import of food in your destination country. The cabin crew will heat the baby's bottle if necessary.

Travel equipment for children must be marked at the bag drop desk. In addition to hand luggage, each child or infant can take two items that are required for the trip free of charge. This includes:

  • Travel bed.
  • Stroller, buggy.
  • Car seat, booster seat.

Additional equipment (up to 20kg) can be booked for €/£15 each.

With the marked pram or buggy, you can comfortably jet to the stairs of the aircraft. It will be accepted there and transported in the cargo hold. You can then simply pick them up when you get off the plane or, like the rest of your luggage, at the baggage claim area (this depends on the local conditions at the destination airport).

Additional equipment (up to 20kg) can be booked for €/£15 each.

Carrying and using a car seat during the flight is subject to the following requirements with Ryanair:

  • The car seat must be certified for use in aircraft (for USA: FFA sticker and corresponding marking confirming airworthiness, for Europe: CE sticker and corresponding marking confirming airworthiness)
  • The seat must be equipped with a 5-point harness and fit into the 42.5 cm wide airplane seat.
  • When using a child seat, a seat must be purchased. For small children, booking via the call center. For children over 2 years old, booking can be made online, but the airline must also be contacted for seat assignment.
  • Child seats are only permitted in rows 5-14 and 19-30 and must not prevent other passengers from disembarking.

Ryanair does not permit the use of posture supports for children under the age of 2 years.


Medical equipment can be taken along free of charge in addition to small hand luggage, provided this has been clarified in advance with the special assistance team. You can reach the team at the local rate on +49 30 80098357. Availability: Mon-Fri. from 07:00 - 21:30, Sat: 09:00 - 18:30 and Sun from 10:00 - 18:30.

But you will also be helped via chat function or e-mail.

In some cases, a medical declaration of exemption is necessary, which is why you should initiate the clarification as soon as possible.

If you or a fellow passenger need help getting to the plane from the airport due to a disability or restricted mobility, Ryanair will organize this for you.

Traveling with an electric wheelchair? Special requirements must be observed here. You can find detailed information on this directly at Ryanair Link

You can find medical restrictions on a flight with Ryanair and information about taking your own equipment with you here: Link

In order to be able to organize everything in good time as part of the processes at the airport, the requirement must be announced in good time. Four ways you can register on time:


  • It is best to do this directly when booking, before paying.
  • Log in to Manage Booking after booking and add a requirement (up to 48 hours before departure)
  • Calling the customer service team (up to 12 hours before departure)

If you did not book your flight directly with Ryanair, but through a third party or travel agency, you must contact the team directly via the hotline.


Except for guide and assistance dogs, pets are not accepted on Ryanair flights. Required documents that the animals are approved and registered as a service dog must be issued by an organization affiliated with either Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF).

Even assistance dogs are not allowed to be taken to/from Morocco and Israel.

In addition, a valid pet passport* or an official veterinary certificate* from a third country (and the required medical documents) must be carried on all flights within the EU/EEA.

If you are unsure whether your dog is entitled to travel, you can contact the destination airport before you travel and have the information on the pet ID card confirmed.

You can find information on the pet ID card at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


In principle, every passenger who has bought a seat can purchase up to three pieces of luggage. This can be done directly when booking the ticket or up to 2 hours before departure.

Maximum dimensions per piece of luggage: For security reasons, only luggage with dimensions below 81 cm x 119 cm x 119 cm (height/width/depth) and a weight of 32 kg will be transported. Good to know: The weight limit does not apply to mobility aids.

Maximum weight per piece of luggage: 20kg. When checking in online you can add up to 3 extra kg for €/£9 per extra kg.

Ryanair offers a variety of baggage options. The stated prices vary depending on the route, flight and time of booking. Adjust the baggage costs according to your needs.

10 kg return luggage: bookable online €/£12.99 - €/£23.99. Suitable for short trips and minimalists. You pay up to €/£ 45.99 for it at the airport.

20 kg standard baggage one-way: costs between €/£ 20.99 - €/£ 39.99 per flight. Even €/£ 69.99 at the airport. This option should be enough for a trip of up to two weeks.

All suitcases in our online shop can be used as checked baggage with Ryanair.



Any sports equipment that does not fit in carry-on baggage must be carried in Ryanair's hold. If you weigh more than 20 kilograms, a fee per kilogram of excess weight will be charged. General sports baggage costs €/£ 35 per leg.

The following applies to bicycles : max. weight 30 kg and it must be packed in a protective box or bicycle protective bag in order to be transported. The one-way flight costs €/£ 60 for your bike. There is a ban on flying e-bikes.

Surfboards, canoes, kayaks and other large sports equipment and the like count as bulky luggage. They can have a maximum weight of 20kg each and cost €/£55.

Well packed ski equipment (skis and snowboards) with a maximum of 20 kg. Transport Ryanair for €/£45 return.

If you want to take your golf equipment with you on holiday, it must also not exceed the 20 kg mark. Taking it with you will cost you 30 €/£.

The prices mentioned apply directly to the ticket booking. Added later or only at the airport, higher fees will be charged.


You can also have any musical instrument transported as checked baggage in addition to the baggage allowance. For musical instruments over 20 kg, a fee will be charged at the applicable rate (€11) per kilo of overweight. Adding a musical instrument is easy: when booking, scroll down to booking extras and select "musical instrument". Here you book the corresponding number of instruments and flight routes (single flight or return flight).

A special travel insurance (luggage insurance) for your musical instrument is recommended, especially when it is transported in the hold.


  • Choose in advance the tariff that also suits your expected luggage.
  • If you are flying with a group or family, the baggage allowance can be combined per booking if you check in together. (e.g. 1 suitcase with 5.5 kg and a suitcase with 13.5 kg fits the option 2x 10 kg)
  • Adding luggage directly at the time of booking is cheapest, followed by online after booking. Additional luggage is most expensive directly at the airport.
  • Comply with carry-on baggage regulations so it doesn’t become expensive checked baggage at the airport.
  • If you book the Plus tariff, checked baggage up to 20 kg is included.


Damage is always annoying and must be reported before you leave the airport.

To do this, you must contact the baggage service staff directly in the baggage hall at the airport. A reference document (Property Irregularity Report - PIR) is essential to document your entitlement to a refund. We recommend that you take photos of the damage.

After the damage, you must submit a baggage claim within 7 days. To do this, fill out the baggage claim on  the link and attach all the necessary certificates or receipts for the assessment of your claim to Ryanair.


In this case, too, you should go directly to the baggage counter in the baggage hall at the destination airport. The reference document (Property Irregularity Report - PIR) is essential to document your entitlement to a refund, but does not in itself constitute a baggage claim.

Delayed baggage is handled in cooperation with Ryanair and the airport's baggage handling department.

With the details of the PIR document you can see/track the status of your baggage here.

If you have not received your luggage after 5 days, you should claim a refund .

Claims for delayed baggage will be processed within 15 business days of receipt.


If your delayed luggage is not found, you must assume that it has been lost. Your lost baggage claims must be submitted to https://baggageclaims.ryanair.com/ within 21 business days (baggage claim date applies as the deadline) if you have not already done so.


Inflight entertainment

As a user of a low-cost airline, you are responsible for your own inflight entertainment, as is generally the case with short and medium-haul routes. Perhaps you're in the mood for shopping when you're leafing through the in-flight magazine "Runway Retail". Or you can simply bring your entertainment with you from home.

Stream your favorite series or listen to your own holiday soundtrack with your playlist. If you prepare your entertainment program at home, you can access it offline at any time. Whether you're stuck your nose in a novel or looking for cool tips for your travel destination in a travel guide. With Ryanair, you are in control of making the flight time pleasant.

What electronic devices can I use on Ryanair aircraft?

Portable electronic devices that have flight mode can be used on board. Airplane mode must be enabled on board.

When flight mode is on Taxing
(travel to/from the runway)
Start Flight Landing
Smartphone (<1kg)
E-Book Reader (<1kg)
Tablet (<1kg)
such as headphones, keyboards, etc.
Laptop, Ultrabook, Notebook
Large music players (<1kg)
Large electronic games (<1kg)

Meals on board

Ryanair does not offer free meals, as is already the case with all short and medium-haul flights of most airlines. During your flight, you will be offered a variety of food and drinks from the on-board kitchen of the Getaway Café.

You can easily take sandwiches or other dishes from home. However, note the safety regulations for hand luggage. It's easier if you take care of yourself at the airport. Although food and cold drinks are not cheap at the airport, you can easily take them on board with you. Compared to the on-board kitchen, you have more choice and can still save a lot of money. But beware: Hot drinks may not be consumed on board and alcohol brought with you may not be consumed.

Do you have a nut allergy? Ryanair asks to inform the cabin crew. Even though no products containing nuts are sold on board. Tip: If you are also one of those who like to take more food with you, inquire about the import regulations for groceries at your destination. If not everything is eaten on the flight and the import of certain foods is not permitted, you must dispose of the rest.


IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, despite the greatest care, we cannot guarantee that this information is up-to-date. In any case, we recommend that you inform yourself about the current regulations directly with easyJet before departure.

If you have found an error, please let us know. Click here for Ryanair's baggage regulations.
Click here for Ryanair's list of fees. von Ryanair

As of November 11, 2022, source: ryanair.com, all information without guarantee.