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About Hauptstadtkoffer

Handgepäck Rabatt

Behind the brand "Hauptstadtkoffer" stands a creative, flexible and innovative team with a special preference for exceptional lifestyle suitcases

The idea

Every day the baggage carousels of this world have the same picture: black and gray suitcases wherever you look. Identifying one's own in the crowd can sometimes be complicated. Not without reason do travelers come up with the craziest ideas to differentiate their suitcase from the others. Colorful foil or wrapping paper in bright colors are handy, but also rather unsightly helper. And so an idea was born: to produce suitcases that are like the city in which we live. Colorful and varied, sometimes elegant and light, sometimes compact and robust, with a high recognition value and, above all, anything but boring! The matching name was therefore quickly found.

Trend - Lifestyle

We are creative, young, trendy, innovative, individual and flexible, which is reflected in our products.


We stand for community, adventure, easy and flexible travel and arouse your desire to travel.


We produce best processed products in a very good price / performance ratio.


Our loyal and reliable companions will take you easily, comfortably and safely to your holiday destination.

The concept

Hauptstadtkoffer is still regarded as a pioneer in the Berlin start-up scene and has developed from an innovative startup to a globally operating company. With well over 500,000 satisfied customers and trading partners in the Americas, Asia and Europe, we have long since outgrown the startup status. What has remained is a company concept that has set standards, not only in the luggage industry. From the beginning it was clear that we did not want to convince with high quality cases alone. Our philosophy included an extensive service offering that goes far beyond what other manufacturers can offer:

Our home is the capital

The german capital is not without reason one of the most creative, innovative and modern cities in the world. Here are products, ideas and trends that are adapted worldwide. In 2005 it was time to revolutionize the stale luggage industry from Berlin. The entrepreneurs / business partners / friends Alexander Gobel and Sebastian Hartmann were inspired by the melting point Neukölln and developed extremely unbreakable and impact-resistant suitcases on the level of top brands such as Samsonite and Rimowa. With the difference that the suitcases were so colorful, cheeky and stylish that you did not need to fear their competition. Production was transferred to China in compliance with strict ethical and social standards and the highest quality and safety standards. The Berlin team has grown so much that a move was inevitable. Surrounded by industrial monuments in the south of Schöneberg, our designers, developers, logisticians and warehousemen work hand in hand every day in a modern loft factory floor to turn every destination into a capital.