About Hauptstadtkoffer

Handgepäck Rabatt

We are "Hauptstadtkoffer" a creative, enthusiastic and innovative team. Our focus lies on the broad variety of unique lifestyle suitcases

The idea

Are you tired of trying to find your luggage in the sea of all the other black and gray suitcases? Have you tried fixing the problem with colorful tags, wrappers or belts but it’s just a not-so-pretty compromise. Our solution: we simply designed vibrant, elegant, lightweight and robust suitcases for everyone. Having our Headquarters in Germany’s capital Berlin - we are trying to reflect the unique, hip and artistic culture of the city in our products - anything but boring. We are naming our products after Berlin's very characteristic districts which are as diverse and significant as their residents. Our name is our mission.

Trend - Lifestyle

Our products are creative, unique, trendy, innovative, distinct and vibrant team, just like Berlin itself.


We love adventures, communities, easy and effortless trips - We are here to wake up your desire to travel.


Our products are robust, original, affordable and good looking.


Our reliable, durable suitcases, travelbags and backpacks are your perfect adventure buddy wherever you go.

The concept

A couple of years ago we made the jump from pioneers in the start-up scene to a globally operating company - with well over 500,000 satisfied customers and trading partners in America, Asia and Europe. We are proud of our extensive customer service, high quality products and price-performance ratio.

The capital is our home

Berlin is best known for its diverse architecture, contemporary arts and the emergence of a cosmopolitan entrepreneurial scene. In 2005 friends / business partners/ trailblazers Alexander Gobel and Sebastian Hartmann decided to revolutionize the luggage industry. Inspired by the multicultural and diverse district of Neukölln they developed unbreakable, extremely impact-resistant but colorful and fashionable suitcases, which quality competes on the same level as top brands such as Samsonite and Rimowa. The production has been moved to China under the following conditions: strict ethical and social standards as well as the highest quality and safety requirements. The company has grown out of its original offices and is now divided into the creative team in Charlottenburg and distribution team in Mariendorf.